Untitled III (SOLD)

Joan Cundall Allen


Oil on Canvas, 1975


61cm x 101cm

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Joan Cundall Allen was born in Putney, London in 1922. She studied art for two years at the Guildford School of Art. Her studies were interrupted by the war when she served as an officer in the army. After the war, Cundal Allen married and joined her husband in Uganda for 16 years at the British embassy. Whilst in Uganda Cundal Allen recorded the local flora, illustrated books, painted murals, designed theatre sets and costumes as well as taught art at the local African Training School.

Later they were posted to Lusaka in Zambia before finally moving to South Africa. While living in Johannesburg Cundal Allen painted in the studios of Sidney Goldblatt and Lionel Abrams before holding her first solo show in Pretoria. In 1974 the couple moved to Simons Town where Cundal Allen would continue to paint until her death in 2016 at the age of 93.

Joan regarded herself as a colourist vastly influenced by the years spent and travelling through in Africa which introduced her to vibrant colours and abstract interpretations of landscapes

Source: http://www.art-archives-southafrica.ch/cundallallen.htm