Untitled (Bad Disguise) (SOLD)

Anthony Morton


Oil on Canvas, 2016


200cm x 150cm

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Born 1992 in Durban, South Africa, Anthony Morton was educated at Rhodes University under the supervision of Tanya Poole. In 2015 he had a solo show in Shanghai and Durban, as well as being a part of various group exhibitions; which include Emerging Painters at the Turbine Art Fair. In 2016 he repatriated from Shanghai where he immersed himself in the Chinese contemporary art scene and most of all, like many before him, he drew inspiration in a land unknown.


Earlier this year, Morton collaborated with San Diego born artist, Elliot Hess, which resulted in the exhibition XIANG. The paintings raise awareness of the threshold between representation and abstraction. They sought to stimulate avenues for multifaceted interpretations, by elaborating conceptual and compositional possibilities. The collaborative duo’s varied interpretations of the city’s boundaries and fences compelled them to engage with access in relation to the experience of their foreign involvement in the landscape.


Now working from his studio in Cape Town, Morton is preparing for his show with Ebony Curated that opens in April 2017. He is interrogating the materiality of the painting as an object in contrast to it being the vessel for the image. The exploration of techniques offers a platform for him to achieve various perspectives of the subject, both to emphasize the stylistic nature of its painterly explanation and to separate the two. The subject matter that informs this compositional investigation is what he calls the last abject, that of which is most expected and which is least.