Untitled 10 (SOLD)

Lakin Ogunbanwo


Digital Archival Print, Ed.1/10


66cm x 91cm

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Born in 1987, the young Nigerian photographer Lakin Ogunbanwo originally studied law in England. On the completion of his degree however, he decided to follow his passion for photography and went to study in Paris at the Spéos Photography Institute. Ogunbanwo now lives and works in his hometown of Lagos creating his enigmatic portraits.

From a young age, Ogunbanwo showed an interest in the meeting point between fashion photography and portraiture. In a recent interview he recalls how, at age 14, he began setting up impromptu photo shoots with his sisters, using bed sheets as backdrops and garish make up for styling- images which, although he himself now calls them tacky, he still retains to this day. Years later his current work as a professional photographer quietly challenges the conservative culture of Nigeria. His work exists in the space between commercial fashion photography and classical portraiture.

Having matter-of-factly proclaimed that sex and sexuality are an integral part of his aesthetic, it is no wonder that his works often raise eyebrows. Having recently exhibited at the Lagos Photo Festival as well as Art 14 in London and a solo exhibition at WHATIFTHEWORLD Gallery in Cape Town, his work has begun to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide.

Profiled by CNN as one of “Africa’s Most Exciting New Photographers”, his bold and provocative images explore the language of desire, pushing the boundaries of sexuality, gender and vulnerability, and weaving them together into moody portraits. Ogunbanwo works celebrates the human form both clothed and not, his subjects standing bold, unashamed and defiant against simple studio backdrops and Lagos cityscapes alike.