Triptych (SOLD)

Sarah Lovejoy


Ceramic Sculpture

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Triptych 1

Triptych (SOLD)

After completing a B.Tech in sculpture (Summe Cum Laude) at the Natal Technikon in 1999, Sarah Lovejoy moved to Nottingham Road where she worked at a fine art foundry for three years. Finding it impossible to leave the quiet of the countryside, she has since made the Midlands her home, only leaving for working sabbaticals which take her to far flung parts of the world.

Sarah prefers a more unusual approach to a common subject: the figure. Where possible she will juxtapose contemporary imagery with traditional subject matter and media, in her renditions of the human figure. She is a master at exploring the many forms our bodies can take.

Her works are, for the most part, miniatures, finished in high detail and capturing the moods, archetypes and expressions familiar to many.

Sarah is now producing, with the help of Cire Perdue, larger sculptures.