The Reader

Oliviè Keck (1989 – )


Posca Paint on Enamel Primed Hardwood, 2019


18cm x 18cm


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Keck received a BAFA from Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 2011. She completed her first printmaking internship at Warren Editions Print Studio in 2015. She currently lives and works in Cape Town.

Working with a variety of techniques and forms such as fabric, printmaking, drawing, embroidery and ceramics, and with a narrative and process driven approach, Olivié Keck ventures to decipher the transient natural world and her place within it. The fragile materiality of her work closely mirrors her working concepts and the emotional play of creation and story-telling.

“I’m a bit of creative juggler. I like using a variety of mediums (drawing, printmaking and ceramics) to estrange people from the ‘commonplace’ narratives that my subjects portray, to keep the viewer looking with delighted eyes. I relish loud colours, juxtaposing ideas, jumbled associations and subverting expectations. There’s a ‘pleasure spiked with pain’ feeling about most of the work I make. This is a sensation I feel captures my experience of the world. Humans are never fully in one attitude; and I’d like to think my work echoes both the severity and the humor in this sentiment.”

Olivié Keck