The Pessimist (Respect Mboni) (SOLD)

Richard Butler Bowdon


Oil on Canvas, 2018


110cm x 75cm

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The Hypocrite

Grande Initiate, Paper Collage on Cardboard, 90x64, 2016 (732x1024)

Grande Initiate

In this latest series, Richard Butler Bowdon continues his work of portraying contemporary African identities through his portraits of Africans living in exile in the diaspora.

“Like a novelist, I draw people from real-life and warp them into characters destined for an as yet unrealised narrative.” — Richard Butler Bowdon

Through a lengthy process of interviews and portrait studies,  Butler Bowdon spends time becoming intimately acquainted with each of his subjects before finally translating their images onto canvas. Within this process, the subjects become fictionalized and are then loosely placed within a yet unrealized narrative. Butler Bowdon deliberately leaves the formation of the narrative up to the viewer, allowing the time, location and their own opinions to further weave a tale for these fictionalised characters.