The Performance

Wole Lagunju


Oil on Canvas, 2018


180cm x 152cm


More Artwork by Wole Lagunju

Lagunju Wole, Urban Kings, Oil On Canvas, 2019, 183x183

Urban Kings

Lagunju Wole, Phoenix, Oil On Canvas, 2019, 116x178

Phoenix (SOLD)

Power drunk II, 18 X 24 inches ink drawing on paper, 2019

Power Drunk II

Power figure I, 18 x 24 inches ink drawing on paper, 2019 (2)

Power Figure I

Power figure II, 18 x 24 inches ink drawing on paper, 2019

Power Figure II

Power figure III, 18 X 24 inches ink drawing on paper, 2019

Power Figure III

Power drunk, 18 x 24 inches ink drawing on paper, 2019

Power Drunk

Padlock III, 18 X 24 inches ink drawing on paper, 2019

Padlock III

Anjonnu, 33 x 20 inches ink drawing on fabriano paper, 2019



Wole Lagunju is a 1986 graduate of Fine Arts and graphic design at the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He currently lives in North Carolina, USA, and has held a number of notable public and private exhibitions. Lagunju was awarded a Phillip Ravenhill Fellowship by the UCLA in 2006 and a Pollock Krasner award in 2009. 

Lagunju’s drawings are inspired by the work of traditional Yoruba women textile designers who operate the age-old local indigo tie and dye industry (Adire); an important part of Nigerian culture. His works borrow from the lexicon of Adire to reflect on human character and spirituality and to mitigate the tension apparent in understanding both the physical and metaphysical worlds. As a diaspora artist caught between differing societies in a globalized age, he uses Adire motifs and their associated meanings as a concept to examine multiculturalism. His drip technique with inks stimulates the vibrancy of indigo dyeing; thrives on spontaneity as well as a calculated and deliberate artistic process. This conflation of ideas, text and artistic experience enables him to address some pertinent questions relating to what he identifies as ‘self’ in his purpose/s as a contemporary African artist.

Solo Exhibitions 

2019    Payne Gallery, Moravian College, Pennsylvania, USA

2018-2019   ‘Yoruba Remixed’, EBONY/CURATED, Cape Town, South Africa

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019   ‘AKAA (Also Known As Africa)’ 2019, Paris, France

2019   ‘Diaspora’, New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey, UK 

2019   ‘A Smaller Scale’, EBONY/CURATED, Cape Town, South Afric

2017   ‘Recits d”Afrique’, La Galerie Africaine, Paris, France 

2017   ‘Colourchart’, EBONY/CURATED, Cape Town, South Africa 

2017   ‘Tempo, expo d’Art contemporain’, Cloitre des Billettes, Paris, France

2014   ‘Opening Exhibition: Furious Flower Conference, Seeding the future of African ‘American Poetry’, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA 

2014   ‘Wole Lagunju: African Diaspora Artist and Transnational Visuality’, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA 

2011   ‘Womanscape: Race, Gender and Sexuality in African Art’, University of Texas, Austin Texas, USA

2009   ‘Egungun: Diaspora Recycling’, University of Texas, Austin Texas, USA

2008   ‘Africa Now’, The World Bank Art Program, Washington DC, USA 

2008   ‘Healing Beauty’, The Mizel Museum, Denver, Colorado, USA 

2008   ‘Art for Africa’, Juried Exhibition, The Emerson Centre for the Arts and Culture, Bozeman, Montana, USA

2007   ‘African Artists Celebrating Ethiopian Millennium’, The Belvedere, Baltimore USA 

2007   Mbari Art, Washington DC, USA

2006   ‘Let’s Art Nadine Guntert meets Africa’. Vernissage: Bilder von Mauva Lessor, Osahenye Kainebi, Wole Lagunju, Ablade Glover, Stein-und Holzskulpturen, Luzern. Switzerland. 

2006   ‘The Art of Oshogbo’, Via Mundi Gallery, Atlanta USA 

2005   Pan African Film and Arts Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2004   ‘Without Borders- Four Contemporary Artists’, Pan African University, Ajah, Lagos

2002   Afrika Heritage, Lagos 

2002   ‘Linkages’, Gallery 1,2,3,4, Trinidad and Tobago, USA 

2002   TotalfinaElf Art Exhibition, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

2000   ‘Visions and Sensibilities’, Signature Art Gallery, Lagos

1997   ‘Best of Ife’, Goethe Institut, Lagos

1995   Sammlung fur Neue Afrikanische Kunst, Afrika Haus Freiberg 

1995   Ona – Best of Ife- Signature Art Gallery, Lagos 

1993   ‘Best of Ife’, Signature Art Gallery, Lagos 

1993   ‘Linkages’, Gallery 1,2,3,4, Trinidad and Tobago