Tafadzwa Tega (1985-)

More Artwork by Tafadzwa Tega

Tafadzwa Tega_Vakomana_Acrylic on Canvas_2021_150 x 170 cm_LR


Tafadzwa Tega_Mukomana_Mixed Media on Canvas_150 x 150cm_2021

Mukomana (SOLD)

Tafadzwa Tega_News Reader_Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas_150 x 150 cm_2021

News Reader


Tafadzwa Tega (b.1985, Harare) started creating art at 10yrs old, encouraged by his uncle and brother who are also artists. Characterized by Tega’s faculty to appraise life spiritually and philosophically, his work probes a range of themes about the human condition including memories, culture, religion and tradition. Tega also tackles identity, global migration and displacement as he explores the untapped potential, new beginnings and legacy.

There is much cognizance to gain from Tega’s relationship with colour. When we view it through his eyes we discover profound passions, inescapable obsessions and ardent notions about the potency of it. In an attempt to reconcile his multicultural background and life, Tega draws inspiration from Impressionism and Post-impressionism. Tega provides examples of the use of analogous and complementary colours to create energy and bold contrast with a sense of harmony in his visual storytelling. His use of colour and form serve to express determination and will, as well as passages of quiet and calmness.

Tega’s body of work is radiant, hopeful, resilient and emancipatory. Deeply personal, the imagery often oscillates between flamboyant and wistful. His oeuvre is filled with symbolism and flame lilies and piles of books often accompanying his figures. For Tega, the flower is a symbol of collectivity, healing and renewal, whilst the books betoken the potential to be and become.

Tega studied art at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, where he participated in his first group exhibition. In 2008 Tega moved to South Africa, later joining Good Hope Art Studio. The work of Tega can be found in several prominent private collections, including the Leridon Collection, Paris and the Spier Collection in Cape Town and London.