Swimmers Seapoint Pool (SOLD)

Michael Meyersfeld


Innova, Photo Fibaprint, Ed 15, 2011.


123cm x 88cm

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Michael Meyersfeld lives and works Michael Meyersfeld lives and works in Johannesburg South Africa.

His work is notable for its stark, sometimes sombre, lonely and edgy imagery that has separateness from reality.

His more recent work involves the staging of people in structured scenes portraying mans’ emotional and behavioural patterns.

Fascinated with image making from the age of six, he began taking pictures with a baby brownie camera, and spent every available moment making contact prints under the stairwell of his home.

His schooling was at King Edward VII Preparatory and High Schools, and he then went on to do a degree in commerce at the University of the Witwatersrand, after which he joined the family steel business.

The Camera Club of Johannesburg introduced him to the world of art photography and during those years he won many prizes at the numerous International Photo Salons.

Meyersfeld is not comfortable being drawn into giving explanations. His titles are deliberately obtuse nudging the viewer to uncover what memory or emotion that particular image has stirred in them, moving them to reflect, and respond in their own personal world.
in Johannesburg South Africa.

Meyersfeld has won numerous awards, the most recent being a Gold at the London AOP Awards.

1975: Nedbank Gallery
1977: SA Pentax Gallery
1978: Goodman Gallery
1979: Gallery Querschnitt
1980: Pentax Gallery
1982: Marker Photo Gallery
1986: The Photo Gallery
1995: Everard Read Gallery
2001: Photo ZA Gallery
2001: Paris Photo
2004: Photo ZA Gallery
2007: David Brown Gallery
2010: Life Staged: Obert Contemporary
2011: Transience: INTOTO Gallery

Meyersfeld prefers to photograph everyday things that normally go unnoticed. “We have become so urbanised that we are oblivious to both the beauty and the strangeness in everyday things. We don’t observe, we don’t see trees, we don’t see grass, we don’t see anything” he told the Daily Maverick Daily before his Transcience exhibition in 2011 – Wikipedia.

Credit: http://www.meyersfeld.com/fine-art/