Sunbirds in Twigs

Jean Theron Louw


Bronze and Steel Sculpture, Ed 20


90cm x 40cm x 210cm

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Born in 1965, Jean Louw is a South African architect whose true passion lies in sculpting. After winning the Sanlam African Art Award while still at school, she read her architectural degree at the University of the Free State.

In her work she focuses on issues of climate change, the state of our planet, overpopulation, urbanisation, water shortage and the need to live green. She is passionate about changing the unsustainable way in which we all live and in her work highlights the environmental crises we all face.

Louw says: The purpose of my work is to awaken a consciousness of our connectivity with the planet as a whole. I want to draw my viewer into moments of self reflection – soul searching for that is what makes us all truly human.

Living in southern Africa we are all going to experience more and more drought and ultimately famine. In Africa 200 million people experience water stress annually. As a result of this, 25 000 children die daily. This dire situation will ultimately result in major conflicts and war.