Daniel Nel


Oil on Canvas, 2018


90cm x 60cm

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Nel Daniel Mark Strata 60 x 90 Oil on Canvas 2018


Majoring in painting, the artist graduated with distinction from Rhodes university in 2013. Currently he creates spacial paintings which are grounded in a way of seeing that lies at the intersection of physics, psychogeography, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, and the ideas of Foucault.

“Experiencing myself in space/space through myself is central to my process, and so walking in the city and recording my experiences photographically is a key. I use painting to intuitively tap into, and then syphon impressions from, the two way stream between my inner world and the spaces I inhabit. For me painting is, in the words of Gaston Bachelard a ‘topoanalysis’, or a systematic psychological study of the sites of my intimate life. It acts as a viewpoint, a doorway, and its own special place beyond written language to negotiate a space between myself and the multitudes of sites ‘out there’”.

Bedroom, park, train, office; living occurs in a multitude of different spaces/sites/containers. These sites themselves are defined by relations of proximity between points or elements. They are heterogenous and so qualify for individual appraisal. Analysis of the points or elements which define a site will provide clues about the culture which brought it about and the forms of behaviour which might occur within it. In phenomenology, these sites or spaces are also psychological resonating chambers: exterior sanctuaries for our interior states. Places form the backdrop to, and often influence our emotional states and thoughts. Needless to say our memories, then, are localised. They arrive in the mind’s eye wrapped in the spaces they were lived out within. In this light, each moment of encounter between person and place is latent with intricacy.

Source: www.danielmarknel.com