Hayden Phipps


Archival Print on Baryta, Ed 3/8


90cm x 78cm

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They descend eerily from the sky and squat heavily on the horizon. They are at once awesome and ominous. They came from above.

Playfully combining black and white Sci-Fi imagery from the — with contemplative social cometary Phipps series They Came From above raise a disquieting notion- we encounter a multitude of different signs of technological invasion in every part of our daily lives but do we really know what they do? By removing the support structures that connect these technological monuments to the ground therefore removing them from their contexts, Phipps questions our relationship with technology, how it directs the course of our daily actions and so often dwarfs us, raising the perennial Orwellian question ‘Who is really in control?’.

“I want people to stop and take note of the technology that now surround us. How much do we know about these objects on our horizon and if these structures were transported back in time would people perceive them as alien? – Hayden Phipps

Although born and raised in Durban, Hayden Phipps now calls Cape Town home. As a full time photographer Phipps’ shoots in a largely documentary-style capturing images that have a strongly narrative quality to them while also at times showing the influences  of  his love for music and film as well.