Ashleigh Olsen (1981-)

Artwork by Ashleigh Olsen


Ashleigh Olsen was born in Johannesburg in 1981.  She studied Fine Art and Environmental Science at Rhodes University and graduated with BAHons in Environmental Science in 2006.

She spent many years living in the Eastern Cape of South Africa as well as  the East African countries of Tanzania and Uganda.  The experience of living in Africa has had a profound influence on her art.  The earth colours, tones, light and subjects of Africa have become central to her work.   Through her various subjects she explores the combination of realism and abstract expressionism.  Central to her work are the strong contrasts and interplay of shadows and light.

Ashleigh aims to capture the essence and beauty of the natural world through intimate portraits of wildlife, landscapes and natural scenes. Her preferred medium is oil paint and charcoal. Ashleigh currently lives in Simon’s Town, Western Cape.