Orbea Variegata (SOLD)

Nic Bladen.


Bronze, Sterling Silver, 2009


15cm x 19cm

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Chris Bladen is a South African craftsman who translates his passion for fly fishing into an art form. Ever since catching his first trout at the age of seven, he has chased fish all over the world with fly rod, camera and diving mask.

Exposed to a sculptural environment from a young age by his father, who owned a stone carving business, Chris soon discovered a talent for sculpture. It was here that he started to create his first pieces in stone, wood and any other available medium. Later, while working as a dental technologist, Chris honed his skills in wax sculpting, mould making and precision casting.

The Chris Bladen Sculpture Studio is located in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, and specialises in bronze sculptures of freshwater and saltwater fish. Each sculpture is made by hand, and many of the sculptures are commissions by fellow fly fishers, divers and art collectors. The creation of bronze sculptures involves a number of complex processes. Chris is involved throughout, from mould making, hollow wax preparation, bronze casting and fettling (polishing) of the metal.  Finally, each piece is carefully patinated to capture the unique motion and emotion of the fish.

Sculptures by Chris Bladen have been exhibited in a number of galleries, both locally and internationally.