Stephen Rautenbach


Nickel Bronze On Crystal Base


54cm x 58cm x 40cm

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Bird On A Wire

“My work reflects my fascination with the dynamics of cycles of life, the diffused boundaries of life and death communicated in three dimensions. The communication of this eternal theme is my challenge and I express this in the form of sculptures in the round and relief work.

I have recently developed a fascination with functional design, and my compositions are based on a mathematical ratio, whatever the appropriate subject. What initially inspired me was a lecture that I attended given by Dr Nicholas Allan on the subject of ‘The Golden Ratio’ or ‘Golden Mean’ in my third year at tech. The spiral plays the strongest roll in my compositions, sculptures caught in perpetual movement.

My work is always sculpted in icro-wax, I use a lot of liquid wax application with a brush and then heated, textural knives to create a multi layered, multi textural surface”

Stephen Rautenbach is a young sculptor noted for his exacting work and detail. In his early years studying at Technikon in Port Elizabeth, he was profoundly influenced by Anton Momberg, David Jones and Andriette Wentzel.

At his first studio in Kwazulu Natal he worked on private and corporate commissions exhibiting at the Margate Museum and many other venues.

In 2001 Stephen moved to Stellenbosch to refine his knowledge of the technical aspects of casting and bronze finishing.

He has worked extensively with the sculptor Dylan Lewis assisting with the constructive criticism on the subject of compositional structure in the round.

Stephen has exhibited widely in the past 5 years including the Everard Read Gallery, Theresa Rabie Gallery and Ebony in Franschhoek and Cape Town

He was Cultivaria artist of the year in 2009.