November Noon II

Craig Cameron-Mackintosh


Oil on Canvas, 2017


70cm x 70cm

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Taking visual cues and references from photography, the series of oil paintings, Three November Noons, reworks the traditional silhouette motif to highlight the beauty of the human form and the importance of light. What light reveals on the one plane, it equally masks and distorts on the opposite. When the subject is backlit, the effect is almost like a photo negative – details are removed, rendering age, facial features and even skin colour of the subjects ambiguous.   – Craig Cameron-Mackintosh

Craig Cameron-Mackintosh grew up in White River, surrounded by many great South African artists like Keith Alexander and Esias Bosch, who inspired him to draw and paint from an early age. While not having trained formally in fine art after high school, Craig has learnt from other artists he’s met as well as being self-taught. His degree in filmmaking from AFDA has also influenced his painting career, not only lending a sense of cinema and story to his subject matter but also informing his technique.

Since moving to Cape Town in 2007, he has been involved with film and video production, eyewear design and has recently begun focusing on portraits and figurative works in oil paint.