Not a Toy, Not a Game Part 4 (SOLD)

Wycliffe Mundopa


Mixed Media on Paper, 2013


94cm x 64cm

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Born 1987 in Rusape, Zimbabwe. Lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. As a painter, Mundopa is a committed advocate of the lives of those too often swept under the carpet by society – women, the children, the prostitutes, the weak, the judged and the despised. Although Mundopa’s painterly voice is defined by anger and empathy, his portrayals are neither cynical nor despondent.

Instead, he creates a new rudely contemporary mythology for urban Zimbabwe, seducing us with the allegorical pageantry of his tableaus, which create totems for contemporary life – fish and frogs, playing with nurses, wearing satin stockings and African java prints. Like ancestral voices they reach out to remind us of the value of each human life too often trampled under-foot in race to succeed or survive. Mundopa’s canvases are snapshots of a sardonic, contorted fantasyland, which is his home today and which is his love and his heartbreak.

Mundopa’s exceptional skill and passion has won him acclaim and popularity with both collectors and critics. His works are collected and exhibited as far wide as Hong Kong, Kenya, Australia, France, UK, Germany, South Africa, The Netherlands, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.