Newlands, Cape Town

Brian Ashley


Pigment Ink on Archival Paper, Ed 1/15


50cm x 35cm

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Brian Ashley was born 1955 in Cape Town and, except for a brief stint in Johannesburg, has lived in Cape Town all his life. Despite starting his working life as an analytical chemist he soon, in the mid 70’s, began experimenting with photography. Since then he has worked in a mainly freelance capacity as everything from a horse racing photographer to working for advertising agencies before finding his niche in creative photography.

Citing the abstract expressionist photographers Brett Weston and Aaron Siskind as his early influences Ashely, in the tradition of Group 64, started producing black and white images of mainly landscape and architectural subjects. Later on, as his love for abstract art and photography grew, Ashely began photographing more abstract subject matter; beginning with patterns in nature and more recently patterns formed by aged and deteriorated paint on various substrates.

The titles of his photographs refer only to the location of the subject. This affords the viewer freedom of interpretation as they are not given any clues as to the nature of the subject.