Nicola Moodie (1995-)

Artwork by Nicola Moodie

Nicola Moodie’s work the artist focuses on themes of deconstruction and finds the intaglio printmaking methodology lends itself well to this concept.

“My work attempts to subvert masculine ideologies of power through the use of the horse as symbol. I use my understanding of the equine form, both its form and the way it exists in space to deconstruct traditional grandiose depictions of the horse. As horses have long been used as animals of conquest, traditional depictions thereof have often reflected this, and show the horse as a symbol of masculine power. I attempt to subvert these masculine depictions through my reinterpretation of the of the horse, depicting the movement and energy of the animal, and representing it in small ‘moments’ in contrast to that which is grand and iconic.

I use multiple print making processes to build up multi-layered prints in which express my experience of the horse. Generally I create a monotype onto which I will reprint other monotypes, drypoint or sugarlift prints, this creates a layered print that deconstructs the horse elements of its movement. These three processes slowly build up and mask the equine, providing insight into their movement and body, and at the same time distorting typical depictions thereof”.