Akhona Lunika (1987-)

Artwork by Akhona Lunika

Akhona Lunika was born in Mthatha 1987 and was raised by her grandparents and aunt in the humble village of Caguba, in Port St Johns. She completed both her Primary and High school education in Mthatha, Eastern Cape before proceeding to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, where she completed her National Diploma and BTech in Photography.

Lunika has since remained in Cape Town and immersed herself in the rich photographic world of the city, interning with and assisting a variety of different commercial photographers such as Malcom Dare, Deryk Van Steenderen and Bryan Taylor, as well as attending the Yuri Arcus Photography Boot Camp and volunteering for Nicro (NGO) as a photographer.

Lunika’s own work is at once striking and sensitive. By taking the time to get to know each of her subjects individually, she then works with them to, through photography, find a way of expressing and capturing their ‘inner being’ in a way that is positive, expressive and honest.

Ever since I can remember, I has always found the human being to be an interesting subject to explore. I always take time to get to know a person despite of how they are generally perceived. I believe that there is beauty and truth in every human being that does not necessarily surface due to the image that we all need to maintain for society.. -Akhona Lunika