I’m Mother

Mikhailia Petersen


Photographic Print on Photographic Paper

Edition 1 of 5


59 x 42 cm


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Mikhalia Petersen is an independent, multi-faceted creative, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Working through the medium of photography, Petersen is skilled in the fields of styling, creative direction and as a stills producer, cultivating a layered means of engaging with projects and work.

Often working in portraiture, Mikhalia aims to capture her subjects in a truthful and celebratory manner. Portraying those individuals she shoots through narrative-based storytelling, as opposed to isolated and essentializing single images. Her practice lends itself towards the emotive, harnessing elements of history, culture, and the lived archive of those who surround her and the individuals she works with. Deeply interested in the post-colonial landscape of Cape Town, her work seeks to re-address the way POC and LGBTQIA+ people are framed within this context through hardship and oppression. Instead, her photographs highlight the beauty and strength of people.

The work she has produced has been described as theatrical and heavily inspired by a documentary-themed approach. Working with a community of creatives, also based in Cape Town, her practice is multi-disciplinary as she incorporates local crafts, fashion, and various skills within shoot production, to create her photographic stories.

Petersen’s work has been published in various reputable South African and international publications, including THE FACE, NATAAL, NiCotiNe and Doek!Lit. Her work has been exhibited locally at the AVA Gallery, GUS Gallery and Eclectica Contemporary, and internationally at the Chanel Hyeres Festival in Paris. Notable campaigns she has worked for include PUMA.

Petersen was a top three finalist for the ORMS Mentorship Programme 2019 for photography and forms part of the V&A Waterfront’s Artist Alliance.


Group Exhibitions

2022   ‘A Point of Departure’, curated by Christina Fortune, EBONY/CURATED, Cape Town, South Africa

2018   ‘Sunday Service’, GUS, Stellenbosch, South Africa

,AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

‘Kwaai Vol.1’, Eclectica Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa