Homolepido IV (Skubbeman) (SOLD)

Luami Calitz

Ink, Wax Crayon, Oil Pastel, Etching Needle on Fabriano, 2015


170cm x 150cm

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Central to my work is a concern for the limitations of the human body. Inspired by science, science fiction and costume, I imagine alterations and improvements akin to the evolutionary process.

In costume we are able to adapt quickly, albeit temporarily, to a new environment that is otherwise hostile to us, something that has allowed a species concerned with exploration and colonization to thrive.

The costumes are hypothetical responses to real and imagined environments hostile to human habitation. The elements used in the construction of these costume come alive, fusing with the human body to create hybrid beings.

Born in Pretoria 23 August 1990. Graduated from University of Stellenbosch in 2012 with a BA Fine Art degree. I currently live in Cape Town and when not making art I work as a film crew assistant.