Jack Heath (1915-1969)

Artwork by Jack Heath

View of the preparations for Jack’s last exhibition, which took place in the University Library from 9th to 14th June 1969. Jack died on June 16th.
Professor Alfred Rooks wrote “Behind the military exterior of an officer and a gentleman was hidden quite a different, highly attractive personality.

There was the sensitive aesthete and artist of no mean calibre, a deep thinker…and a very honest and humble man. (His) works gave expression to all that he was, to the previously mentioned characteristics and to many more, likewise endearing: his humour, his sense of pity, his affection for his fellows, and his sense of justice. Fine artist that he was, he never displayed arrogance, dogmatism or eccentricity. There was no pathetic craving for self-expression disguised as wisdom….

To students and colleagues he will always remain an example to follow and imitate in search of true humanity and real virtues.”
Following the definitive combined Heath Retrospective Exhibition at the Tatham Art Gallery in 2009 we believe that this highly important family of artists from KZN are due much consideration, not only from collectors, but also from academics in South Africa and the UK