Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude (1988–)

Artwork by Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude

Nyaude Gresham Tapiwe-Untitled C--Acrylic On Cardboard-112x124

Untitled C

Nyaude Gresham Tapiwe-Untitled B--Acrylic On Cardboard-50x70

Untitled B

Nyaude Gresham Tapiwe-Untitled A--Acrylic On Canvas-113x84

Untitled A


Born and raised in the notorious neighbourhood of Mbare in Harare, Zimbabwe, Gresham Tapiwa Nyaude only started painting in 2006 after being encouraged to persue an artistic career by school friend and fellow artist Wycliffe Mundopa. The discovery of his prolific talent and passion for art catapulted Nyaude into studying for a visual art school certificate at National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe from 2007–2009. Nyaude’s satirical images provide wry and intimate observations of life in Mbara, provoked by the restless energy of the neighbourhood. Themes of pain, beauty, awkwardness and desire run through his works creating surreal vignettes which present both a challenge and deep, intimate insights into the complications of life in a notorious neighbourhood. Nyaude’s unmistakeable graphic style combined with a dark sense of humour and poignant insights are the key to his rapid rise to international acclaim having already exhibited in Berlin, London and Iran. Yet despite his rapidly rising international profile Nyaude remains true to his roots working alongside his mentor and friend Wycliffe Mundopa in their joint studio in Mbare.