‘TURBINE ART FAIR 2016’, 14 JUL – 17 JUL 2016

Turbine Art Fair 2016

For our first outing to Turbine Art Fair, we have selected a group of talented, young artists working in and around Cape Town. Hardedge abstractionist Hugh Byrne continues his investigation into the transient elements in the built environment- such as shadows- challenging the viewer to reimagine their surrounds through bold fields of colour and a complex series of intersecting lines and spaces. Using mediums which hark back to a different era, artists Kimathi Mafafo and Thomas Cartwright each create intimate narratives through tapestry and gesso medium panels respectively. Mixed media artist Larita Engelbrecht’s collage series challenges the viewer’s own assumptions about culture and aesthetics as she explores the commodification African objects with a critical and at times ironic eye. Lastly, painter Rory Emmett delves deep into his family photo archives as he continues to explore different aspects of the painted surface and complicated notion of ‘coloured’ identity. EBONY/CURATED can be seen at stands BM9 and BM11 during the duration of the Turbine Art Fair.

Works on Exhibition