‘The Point’ – Lisa Ringwood – 29 Oct – 3 Dec 2022

EBONY/CURATED Bordeaux House, Franschhoek

Saturday 29th October 2022

Continues until 3rd December 2022


Lisa Ringwood’s ceramic creations invite you into a magical natural world where reality and imagination merge. The intricately drawn birds, plants and baboons of Cape Point belong both to the real world and to a place we go to in our thoughts. There is a poignant sense of the fragility of nature in the scenes of baboons wandering in the coastal fynbos and tiny birds clinging to the local plants. Ceramics, being strong yet vulnerable to destruction through carelessness, are a perfect vehicle to convey her deep concern for the survival of our environment.

Ringwood intentionally wants to give an awareness of the maker’s hands and the process of making in her work. Her vessels are built using coils of rolled clay which are pinched and smoothed whilst her plates are slowly manipulated into shape from clay slabs thrown over moulds. This celebration of the handmade and traditional methods perhaps suggests a way in which humans can have a more gentle impact on our environment.

Ringwood’s work offers a playfulness and surprises with the unexpected. Pastels mixed with bolder colours, quirky patterns and designs refuse to follow rules, taking you on a unique and engaging visual journey. Her mastery of glazes, slips and oxides allows her to experiment to the full – taking her signature cobalt blue through its paces from intensity to subtlety.

Works on Exhibition