‘A SMALLER SCALE’, 06 APR – 01 JUN 2019

Please join us for our first group exhibition of 2019 titled ‘A Smaller Scale’.

We invited 14 local and international artists to participate in an exhibition that focused on ‘A Smaller Scale’. In the contemporary art market works of a larger scale are often associated with quality and collectability. Smaller works of art are somehow identified for less important subjects and the very fact that they are more accessible in size makes them too commodifiable. However, in our Instagrammed, overblown and installation-fuelled age of visual sharing where “bigger is better”, for many contemporary artists, a smaller canvas offers the viewer something more intimate and detailed.

“Scale is a bouillon cube that can condense and hopefully enrich a concept.” – Charles LeDray

Participating artists include:

Margaux Derhy (France), Guillermo Oyaguez Montero (Spain), Lena Dewaegenaere (Belgium), Zemba Luzamba (DRC), Churchill Ongere (Kenya), Wole Lagunju (Nigeria), Andre Serfontein, Bella Knemeyer, Gina Heyer, Greta Davis, Johan Angus, Larita Engelbrecht, Olivié Keck and Richard Smith (South Africa).

Works on Exhibition

Lagunju, Wole, Lost,30cm x 23cm, Ink on Paper 2018

Lost (SOLD)

Lagunju, Wole, Stoic,30cm x 23cm, Ink on Paper 2018

Stoic (SOLD)