AJ Bull.


Bronze, Edition of 12.


49cm(l) x 94cm (w) x 27cm(h)

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Ajay Bull was born in 1969 in Pretoria South Africa and attended Pretoria Boys High where music studies overshadowed fine art tuition, but despite this, volumes of intricate line drawings using predominantly antique cartography nibs were created focusing on stark black and white studies of various subject matters.Sculpture began in the early 1990’s using clay, plasticenes and wood.

Subject material was varied with the focus mostly on classical gargoyles and science-fiction fantasy portraits and figurines but also included some wildlife pieces. Many hours of trial and error were spent learning welding and various moulding techniques using resins and metal powders (cold-casting) Editions were subsequently sold in various outlets in Cape Town.

In late 1996 Ajay moved to London where his work was sold to private individuals and at markets, then in 1998 he returned to South Africa and settled down in Cape Town pursuing other business interests.Sculpture time became restricted for almost ten years and only the odd commission was completed in that period. Motivated by traveling extensively during this time with his two daughters through Southern Africa, sculpting began again in earnest in late 2009.

The focus is currently fuelled by an undercurrent of passion for our wilderness areas and as a result remains predominantly on African wildlife themes, recreating interpretations of their silent inspiration with an invariably primal edge.