Driaan Claassen (1991-)

Artwork by Driaan Claassen


Driaan Claassen is a Cape Town-based artist and designer. Inspired primarily by nature and the human mind, Claassen’s work plays on duality and contrast, be it in form, pattern, textures, heft, or scale. Beyond the tangible, Claassen’s works are also characterized by a certain quietness – a refreshingly restrained refinement that tells us just enough about a piece, its function, and the material from which it has been made. Stripped from the verbose, what consistently emerges is an elegant commentary on the tension between light and dark, smooth and textured, weight and heft, form, function, meaning. Claassen’s works have been exhibited extensively with works at Design Miami, Design Basel to PAD London.

‘Whisps’ (A Body of Work)

“When I think of geometry, I tend to think of forms or concepts that are absolute, perfect, and infallible…Its power and value however become truly apparent when taken into the mind. Like a portal it connects us to its archetypal truths, the building blocks of the universe, and the creation myth…. ‘Whisps’ is my search for that geometric flexibility and the strain and force involved in compressing
that freedom and energy into a static object that still contains a semblance of life that cannot exist in this realm without losing parts of its whole. These forms are a metaphorical take on the way thoughts and memories seemingly pop in and out
of consciousness coherently and recognizably without any recollection of bringing those memories forward but rather that it comes willingly and at times even forcefully”