Disclosed Framed Projection 1

Nilsen-Misra, James


Charcoal And Elle Ere on Fine Art Paper, 2015


90cm x 77cm

More Artwork by James Nilsen-Mira

Working in the inky darkness with just a single lamp to illuminate the scene in front of him, James Nilsen-Misra produces fascinating and slightly eerie domestic scenes shrouded in shadows. The shadows morph and one becomes aware of a deep, yet closeted space, underneath the shadows that draw you inward, as if you are looking deep into an unknown and unconscious space. Working with black chalk on to yet more black chalk, the scenes that emerge reflect fragments of white middleclass privilege, Nilsen-Misra questions personal projection and transparency in the public domain. Nilsen-Mira points out that, as a gay man himself, he is similarly uncertain of being completely transparent in a public South African spaces and at times finds himself moving in the proverbial shadows.

Nilsen-Misra has worked with the Handspring Puppet Company on award winning international projects such as War Horse, holds a BTech Fine Art degree from NMMU as well as a National Diploma in Illustration and a BA(Hons) degree in Production Design from AFDA as well serves on the Board of the Association for Visual Art.