Three Mary’s Triptych

Justin Dingwall


Hahnemuehle Museum Etching Print (Giclee Print), Ed 10 each


90cm x 70cm

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Beauty is found in all shapes, sizes and colors. It can also be colorless, which is the point being proven and celebrated through a wave of models with albinism – a condition affecting melanin production that results in little or no pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. – Justin Dingwall A powerful and striking collaboration between commercial photographer and contemporary artist Justin Dingwall and advocate and model Thandi Hope has resulted in a series of distinct images.

Provocative and undeniably beautiful, photographer and model work together to break down the taboo’s surrounding albinism and simultaneously turn the general conventions of beauty on their head. Maintaining his trade mark style which effectively combines precision with drama, Dingwall has once again produced a body of work charged with emotion. Motivated by his desire to explore the road less travelled, Dingwall’s every searching eye finds unusual beauty in unexpected places. With his carefully orchestrated works designed to tell a story, Dingwall creates pieces which strike a chord within people. I do what I do for the love of new experiences. My imagery is not bound by language or culture. I want my work to speak for itself and for people to interpret it in their own way. I want people to be affected by my images…

As long as someone is feeling something, I am achieving my goals. – Justin Dingwall After having studied at Pretoria Technikon Arts Campus and having achieved a Baccalaureus Technologies Photography Cum Laude, Dingwall launched himself into commercial photography career in which he won numerous accolades as well as gaining much local and international acclaim as a contemporary art photographer.