Darkness And Wonder, Gabriel (SOLD)

Grace Kotze


Oil On Canvas


65cm x 110cm

More Artwork by Grace Kotze

“I am a Durban based artist born in 1968. I work primarily as a painter but also curate and teach part time. No matter what discipline I am engaged in, my concerns are with furthering my own and others understanding of the visual language of expression and image making in the fine art field. My work is motivated by the challenge of fusing my emotional intent with visual and technical concerns. At present oil painting is my primary tool, its phenomenally versatile nature offers never-ending possibilities of exploration. In order to produce works of integrity I have to paint from an emotional point of reference. I am very aware of utilizing imagery I have a profound connection to. My paintings function on an autobiographical level documenting both my internal and external vision. I paint places and people from my everyday life, using the familiar as a direct link to an emotive sense of self”

Solo Exhibitions 2011 •    Future solo exhibition at artSPACE Durban •    Future solo exhibition at Gallery 2, Johannesburg 2009 •    ”Darkness and Wonder”, KZNSA Gallery, Durban 2007 •    ”A Sense of…….”, Gordart Gallery, Johannesburg •    ”A Sense of…….”, artSPACE durban 2006 •    ”Co-ordinates”, artSPACE durban 2005 •    KZNSA Gallery, Durban 2000 •    ”Inversion”, Bang the Gallery, Cape Town •    The Art Sceen, Durban

Selected Group Exhibitions 2011 •    DAG Inspiration exhibition •    “Collaboration” “, curated by Carol Lee, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg •    Ebony, Cape Town •    Launch of the PARK CONTEMPORAY,KZNSA Gallery, Durban

2010 •    The opening of Gallery 2 (previously Gallery on the Square), Johannesburg •    Jabulisa 2010 – Natal Arts Trust juried exhibition, opening at the Tatham Art Gallery, and touring South Africa •    ”Big is Beautiful”, artSPACE durban •    KZN – artists from around Durban, curated by Carol Lee, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg •    “A Subtropical Vision”, David Brown Fine Art, Johannesburg
2009 •    Gallery on the Square, Johannesburg •    ”Review”, curated by Carol Lee, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg •    ”Enigma”, curated by Carol Lee, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg •    Affordable Arts Fair, artSPACE Durban

2008 •    ”17th Annual SALON”, Rose Korber Art, Cape Town •    ”Heaven”, South Gallery, Cape Town •    ”Transform”, curated by Carol Lee, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg •    ”Formation”, artSPACE durban 2007 •    ”Project” curated by Carol Lee, Upstairs at Bamboo, Johannesburg •    Gordart end of year show, Johannesburg •    ”Malleable”, artSPACE durban •    Representing artSPACE durban at the Norman Dunn Gallery, Hilton Arts Festival •    ”About the surface”, with Themba Shibase, Deanne Donaldson and Gabi Ngcobo, curated by Nathi Gumede, KZNSA Gallery, Durban •    ”Icons”, Gallery 415, Durban 2006 “Jabulisa 2006″, a show representing the art and craft of KwaZulu-Natal, touring the national galleries in the province •    Moja Modern, Johannesburg 2005 •    Tamasa Gallery, Durban •    ”Paean to Paint”, artSPACE durban 2000 •    The Art Scene, Durban 1999 •    KZNSA Gallery, Durban •    The Art Scene, Durban

1993 •    ”Flowers and Things”, exhibited oil paintings and chalk pastel drawings, among the invited artists were Bronwyn Findlay and Andrew Verster , KZNSA Gallery, Durban •    National Volkskas exhibition, one of the ten Natal artists selected, touring exhibition