Dance of the Sunflowers (SOLD)

Sthenjwa Luthuli


Woodcut on Archival Paper, 2014, 3/10


103cm x 73cm

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Luthuli was born in Botha’s Hill in 1991 and attended IDelani Lower primary school. In 2010, he joined the BAT Centre visual art classes and these familiarised him with the professional art industry and encouraged him to further explore and develop his creativity. Although this was the start Luthuli’s formal art training Luthuli explains that his artistic journey actually started much earlier when, as a boy growing up in Durban, he used to make wire cars for himself and his friends.

His formal art education continued in 2011 when Luthuli enrolled for the Velobala Saturday Art Classes hosted by the African Art Centre at the Durban University of Technology. These classes offer visual art instruction and fine art education to young creative black artists located away from the established urban clusters of arts infrastructure.

As a result of his dedication, commitment and talent, he was selected to further take part in the Velobala Mentorship Programme in 2012. This exposed him to a more extensive programme of Visual Art in a formal environment, together with the students of the Department of Fine Art at the Durban University of Technology. Luthuli was mentored by Themba Shibase, artist and fine art lecturer at the Department of Fine Art at the Durban University of Technology.

In his work, Luthuli says he explores the importance of the circular shape to African culture in contrast to how the modern world seems to be composed chiefly of the square shape. “The square exerts control,” he said. “Even when you walk around you will find yourself walking around a square because of buildings and roads. I feel like we are no longer free as human beings.

Luthuli is inspired by a number of artists including, Edward Hopper, Gerald Sekoto, Ephraim Ngatane and Yinka Shonibare. Since 2011, he has participated in a number of group exhibitions in KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg and in 2012, he participated in an exhibition in Bremen, Germany and completed a mural project in the Concordia Tunnel, which runs along the Schwachhauser highway in Bremen.  His work is represented in a number of private and corporate collections and in the international collection of the Leiterin der Stadtischen Galerie in Bremen, Germany. EXHIBITIONS

2014 Ababhemu, Group Exhibition, Steve Biko Building, Durban Untitled Solo Show, African Art Centre, Durban

2012 Mural Project (Concordia Tunnel), Bremen, Germany