Carpet Seller

Trevor Coleman


Acrylic on Canvas


76cm x 50cm

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Trevor Coleman was born in Johannesburg, South Africa 1936. He briefly studied Geology and Chemistry at the University of the Witwatersrand. Geology has had a great influence in his work, particularly the structure, colours and texture of landscape strata. There after he enrolled for a course in Graphic Design and Advertising at the Witwatersrand Technical College. In 1959 two of his works were accepted in the first “Artists of Fame and Promise Exhibition”.

In 1960, Trevor left for London to enrol part time at the Central School of Art, to study Lithography, Textile Design and Painting.

Trevor held his first mixed exhibition in London at the Lincoln Gallery, Knightsbridge in 1961.

Between 1961 and 1965 Coleman held seven exhibitions, which consisted of five solos and two group exhibitions.

Trevor held his first South African solo exhibition in 1963, his second solo exhibition was held in 1964. Since 1966 till 2006 Trevor has had thirty four solo exhibitions, and four group exhibitions.

Reference: Die Kunskamer