Brett Smith (1972-)

Artwork by Brett Smith


“My goal as an artist is to distil that which has been observed into a simple mark or gesture so that each dot and each line will possess a life of its own. I tend to filter the botanical world through my conscious and sub-conscious mind, meditating on the various forms and images, finally drafting a new reality through a process of automatic drawing and painting. Experimentation, invention and accident play a pivotal role in my quest to achieve visual poetry.”

Self-taught artist Brett Smith aims, in his work, to refine the world into a simple mark or gesture. For Smith, each line and dot possesses a life of its own. Born in 1972 in Durban, South Africa, Smith’s childhood was surrounded by nature: trees, flowers, and leaves were an endless fascination. These influential experiences led him create his work through automatic drawing and painting. In this state, experimentations, inventions, and accidents were pivotal in the work. The finished product examines the line between beauty and destruction. Smith currently paints from his studio in Atlanta, USA.