Catherine Brennon (1956-)

Artwork by Catherine Brennon


Born Catherine Russell Winckworth in King William’s Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Completed National Diploma in Ceramics (Witwatersrand Technikon) in 1979.  After a sojourn in the IT Industry, returned to full time ceramics in 1998 and completed Bachelor Degree of Technology in Ceramics at Wits Technikon in 2002/3.  In 2004 moved to Underberg, KZN where she and her photographer husband Lawrance Brennon successfully ran a Fine Art Ceramics and Photography gallery, known as The Underberg Studio.  In 2014 moved to live and work from The Overberg Studio, now based at her home in Voelklip, Hermanus in the Western Cape.

“My vision as an Artist has always been to make beautiful items to give pleasure and contribute to the positive side of life. Connecting with people through my work is of primary importance and motivation in my work.

Living in Hermanus, between the sea and the mountains, has had a definite impact on my work.  Nature continues to be my biggest source of inspiration and these aspects of my life are ever present in both my paintings and my ceramic work.

My most recent ceramic pieces are a direct response to living close to nature.  The forms I have created are gut reactions to seed pods, plants, rocks and stones, sea creatures, seaweed and a host of other natural forms.  I am not trying to duplicate these items but rather searching for a way to express the rhythm, patterns, forms and colours found in the natural construction of things.

Over the past few years, as some of the necessary technical skills have become second nature to me, I have found freedom in being able to use clay in a more intuitive way.  Building with coils and pinching the wet clay, I allow the process of the making to be evident in the finished piece.  The final surface is created through the application of multiple layers of a group of glazes, allowing for complexity and depth.   

Whatever I make is from the heart, rather than with a commercial intent in mind.  I just want others to enjoy my work as much as I do.”