Black Root (SOLD)

Driaan Claassen


Solid Bronze, 2015, Ed 1/7


85cm x 37cm x 35cm

Please click here to see images of sculptures by Driaan Claassen

Before starting to work in Bronze, 24 year old Driaans curiosity led him to numerous creative mediums including Photography, Drawing and Writing. His passion for Art and designed was sparked whilst attending a 3 Year Course in Computer Graphics at the Animation School. This led him to Pursue a journey of creating photo realistic, Computer generated images for Product and Architectural visualization. In Early 2014, Driaan came across the Guild International Design Fair and fell in love with the idea of creating furniture pieces that contained such a high level of craftsmanship and design, that it became works of Art.

He decided to pursue this Idea and was quickly taken in by Jan Otto Du Plessis, founding member of Bronze Age. With no practical experience other than working with his computer, Otto provided him with a shared studio space where he could mentor and guide him when needed. After a 1 year mentorship, his work was displayed at the Guild International Design Fair, the show that sparked his decision of changing careers to being an artist. His uncompromising passion for capturing and displaying the beauty of nature in an immortalized abstract form has resulted in objects of art and design, that harmonises in the perfection of its imperfections.


Southern Guild: Passion for still life (2015) Guild International Design Fair(2015) Bronze Age: They came from above(2014) Southern Guild: Woodwork (2015) Equus Gallery: Tasseography (2015)