Big In Japan (SOLD)

Jean Matthee


Oil On Board, 2012


59cm x 35cm

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Born in Johannesburg in 1989, Jean eventually moved down to the Cape for most of his schooling career. After matriculating in 2007, he took a year off to travel and sail in Europe, eventually deciding to pursue studies in Fine Art at Stellenbosch University.

During this time Jean experimented with a variety of media from sculpture to video, but finally turned his attention to oil painting. He was a finalist in the 2011 Vin De Francois art exhibition, and his graduate work appeared in the 2012 December issue of Art Times.

Artist’s statement: “Based on the fluidity of ideas and memories, my work ultimately questions the stability of our own realities. Using others’ family photographs as a starting point, I exploit the room left open to interpreting these images, and appropriate them with my own fictions. Often using humour as to disrupt our reverential handling of the past, the result provokes both familiarity and displacement.”