Bete Jesus (SOLD)

Richard Butler Bowdon


Paper Collage on Cardboard, 2016


90cm x 64cm

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The Hypocrite

Grande Initiate, Paper Collage on Cardboard, 90x64, 2016 (732x1024)

Grande Initiate

Although born in Cape Town, Richard Butler-Bowdon is a traveller at heart. A true citizen of the world having lived in Sudan, Thailand, The Netherlands and currently in Melbourne Australia, Butler-Bowdon carries his passion for, and dedication to, art and the communities around it wherever he goes. Butler-Bowdon’s portraits reveal an open mind set and non-hierarchal approach to art. By breaking away from formal and historical traditions, Butler-Bowdon portraits tell compelling and often subversive narratives inspired by his observations of people living in the diaspora. The challenging and dynamic gaze of his subjects defy preconceptions, they are undeniably present, contemporary and contra-historical- they resist exoticism and instead are situated firmly in their own unique narratives.