Jaques Vrey


Oil on Canvas


69cm x 96cm

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I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a Degree in Parks and Recreation Management (1992), as well as a Masters Degree in Town and Regional Planning (1994). I worked as a town planner for a private company for three years. Realising that my expectations were unmet in the corporate environment, I decided to resign to travel to Europe for a few months.

Returning to South Africa, I painted murals in a restaurant.  My work was met with enthusiasm and I was commissioned to work as a freelance illustrator for school books and corporate documents, while still painting full time.

Fourteen years later I am privileged to have travelled locally and internationally (USA, UK, Germany, Dubai, Namibia, Mozambique) for corporate and private commissions. Projects range from murals, portraits, canvas works, drawings and illustrations to set design and –building, specialized paint techniques and aesthetic consultation for property development projects.

I serve as Board Member for Black Canvas (an NGO committed to the Upliftment of Youth) as well as on the Executive Committee for the Stellenbosch Art Society.

Although I still do commissioned work, I am currently focusing on completing a series of large-scale oil painting for a Solo Exhibition planned for 2013.

Credit: wwwjaquesvrey.com