Ariye Monna (SOLD)

Neo Matloga


Linocut Print, 2014


72cm x 50cm

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Neo Matloga was born in Mamaila, a small village in Limpopo in 1993 – a year before the dawn of the South African democracy. He later moved to Johannesburg and there he completed his schooling career at Sandringham High School. It was here that, under the guidance of his art teacher Christian Graser, his artistic talent was nurtured and his passion for the subject grew, leading him to pursue a degree in Visual Art at the University of Johannesburg. Matloga graduated in 2015 and now works as a full time visual artist in Johannesburg.

Matloga has participated in various competitions and fairs such as Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards, South African Voices: A New Generation of Printmakers in Washington DC, Turbine Art Fair 2014 and THAT ART FAIR, Cape Town and at the young age of 21 his work already lies in the South African Embassy in Washington DC collection as well as other private collections “A recurring theme in my art practice is the link between traditional and modern urban life in Africa. As a draughtsman my work is defined by the use of mixed media as an aesthetic to link urban situations and rural settings or vice versa. I’m interested in representing societies expected postmodern masculine actions – the carrying of beast/baggage and dressing in a postmodern construct of masculinity; the suit. The suit also becomes a metaphor for ‘fitting in’ especially in an urban setting such as Johannesburg. Cows are continually represented in my work as they relate to the spiritual, religious, traditional and cultural connection to the more rural aspects of my culture.

On a social realist’s perspective, my work also depicts social status dynamics of young black individuals in the context of Post-Apartheid South Africa. Through my technical ability I create conversations of experiences and aspirations of youth culture by depicting visions of African youth’s need for opulence and wealth. .” -Neo Matloga