African Waterfall II

John Newdigate & Ian Garrett


Hand Painted And Glazed Ceramic, 2018


84cm x 62cm

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Artist’s Statement:

“Informally schooled in the tradition on reduction fired stoneware from a young age, in recent times I have embraced my love of colour and specialised in hand-built underglaze painted, oxidation fired porcelain vessels depicting the world around me. Plants and animals are used to make wry commentary on human emotions and interactions. A very recently acquired large shuttle-kiln has enabled me to explore the possibilities of large-scale work, with encouraging results.

The ocean will always be an important recurring theme in my work, as a result of having a close relationship with it for most of my life. The sea has always fascinated me – not just the creatures in it, but also the interplay of light and water.  From the ordered chaos of white horses on a choppy sea to the synergy of a school of anchovies – there seems to be enough inspiration in and around the sea and its shores to last many lifetimes.

My current location in a small town at the foot of a great mountain has led to the introduction of new terrestrial themes, and abstraction of form and colour.”


John Newdigate, June 2018