A Room With A View Too (SOLD)

Matt Hazell


Oil on Canvas, 2016


125cm x 115cm

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Matthew Hazell was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He spent his childhood as an artist building Lego worlds, drawing characters, catching bugs outside and making grappling hooks out of coat hangers. And so began his informal training. His obsession with oil paint emerged in the more formal environment of Rhodes University and, in 2014, Matthew obtained his Bachelor of Fine Art. Continuing in the formal realm of art, he is currently working towards his Masters at the University of Johannesburg. With the enthusiasm of the little boy who built Lego worlds, Matthew’s work now grapples with contemporary white masculinity in South Africa and all its complexities. In an attempt to engage with his personal uncertainty/disorientation/unknowability et al, Matthew utilizes the medium of paint as an alternative form of making meaning.

He has exhibited on various group shows including The Emerging Painters Show at Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg (2016), Surface Tension at GUS in Stellenbosch (2016) and The 72 Hour Exhibition at NO END Contemporary in Johannesburg (2016). His next solo presentation of work will be at the end of 2017 as the culmination of his Masters Degree.